Marketing to Sell

What is the difference when you are marketing your business to put it in a position to sell versus Marketing for Growth??? Nada.

A potential buyer for your business is looking for the same systems and processes that you demand from your business. To learn more about the first step, click Next:


Attract Qualified & Motivated Buyers

Attracting the right people at the right time is the backbone of marketing a product or sale. The evidence is the billions (with a ‘B’) spent on advertising every year. The ultimate question is how to be top of mind at the right time. The answer to this question is frequency. But what does a business do if it does not have a multi-million dollar advertising budget? The answer is still frequency. What does your business do to increase frequency?

Go Where the Buyers Go

You don’t need to be a fisherman to know that you won’t have much success dropping your line into a pool of fish who don’t like your bait.

This sounds a little too simple right? So many businesses get caught up working ‘in their business’ that they neglect these simple strategies that can double profits with half the efforts.

Have Buyers Looking for You

Think about how much your business would change if every customer who ever needed or could use your product or service was out there looking for you.

What would your business look like if every buyer was coming to you instead of you trying to find them? Where would you spend all of your extra time and money?

Pull marketing strategies with permission are THE most powerful and lucrative means to grow a profitable business. They also create the strongest loyalty bonds.

Double Your Profit in 18 months

Most would say that doubling your profit in 18 months is impossible. Most of them have never done that.

Much the same as most had said that running a 4-minute mile was impossible. That is until Roger Bannister did so in 1954. Shortly after, many runners began to run a mile in under 4-minutes.

Working with a team who has doubled (even tripled) profits for clients in an 18 month period means it can be done again.

There are only 3 ways to double your profits:
1. Increase revenue by X%
2. Decrease expenses by X%
3. Ideal combination of increasing revenue and reducing expenses

The big question is how… Read on and learn about the 3 simplest ways that lead to doubling your profits…

Demand a Premium Price (and Get It)

A business that competes strictly on price is sacrificing profits and not usually making it up in volume. Think of a company that charges more than most of their competitors and yet, continue to out-sell, out-service and out-grow them year after year. Got it???

What do they have that their competitors do not? The answer is: VALUE!
VALUE = Perceived Benefit – Price

You can command a higher price for your product or service (regardless of your cost) by increasing the value. Have you read the Double your profit section?? Remember one way is to increase your revenue. This is a great way to do that.

We will teach you how to create value in your business without increasing the expenses.

Develop Duplicatable Systems

Scalability is the one thing that all successful, profitable and long standing businesses have in common. Each will conduct themselves the exact same way regardless of the number of transactions or deals they process. They are duplicatable.

How does your business compare? Creating duplicatable systems will generate predictable results. Have you ever thought that your business could become predictable? If a business can become predicatable, there is no limit to the goals that can be achieved. The business becomes simple.

Exit Strategy

If you have set up your business with duplicatable systems that produce predictable results, your business is set up to do more than survive. It is set up to thrive long past we could ever expect.

What are your plans when you have decided to leave? What is your exit strategy?

So many business owners find themselves tied to their business long after they wanted to. There are as many reasons to exit a business as there are business owners.

  • retirement
  • explore new opportunities
  • change in family status
  • etc.

At some point, every business owner is going to have to plan an exit. That can be by choice or not. Marketing your business for sale or for growth puts you in a position to plan a great Exit from your business. At PinPoint Strategies, we have developed the QALIA

process that assures you great results by asking great questions.

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