Marketing for Growth

The primary staple for measuring the success of your business is growth. The metrics like Revenue, Profit, Unit Sales, Head Count, etc. are all metrics used to quantify growth but the primary purpose of operating a business is to grow ‘something’. Whatever that means for you and your purpose.

In fact, this concept is so commonly known that most business owners and professionals take it for granted.

Is there a difference between marketing your business for growth versus marketing to position your business for sale?

The short answer is no.

A successful business implements predictable and duplicatable marketing systems all of which are described in Marketing to Sell. Because an attractive business is a business that continues to operate regardless of whom the owner is.

Since you are the owner in your business, wouldn’t you want the same predictable, profitable growth in your business as a potential buyer may be looking for?

Of Course. So please read on to Think Strategy Before Tools

to learn more.

Think Strategy Before Tools

Here’s the answer you have been waiting for to the question about why most marketing plans fail and investment money is wasted….


Failing marketing strategies almost ALWAYS jump to the tools they will need to implement instead of designing a solid strategy to get what the business needs.

Have you ever caught yourself saying “We need to be on Facebook” or “My business needs an app” without any real reason why you need these tools? That’s the TBS approach; Tools Before Strategy.

We have designed a NO FAIL process that ensures a successful strategy every time. If you’re curious how we do that, jump ahead and read:

Ask Great Questions; Get Great Results

What’s Your Exit?

If you have set up your business with duplicatable systems that produce predictable results, your business is set up to do more than survive. It is set up to thrive long past we could ever expect.

What are your plans when you have decided to leave? What is your exit strategy?

So many business owners find themselves tied to their business long after they wanted to. There are as many reasons to exit a business as there are business owners.
… retirement
… explore new opportunities
… change in family status
… etc.

At some point, every business owner is going to have to plan an exit. That can be by choice or not.

Marketing your business for sale or for growth puts you in a position to plan a great Exit from your business.

At PinPoint Strategies, we have developed the QALIA

process that assures you great results by asking great questions.


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