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By Tom Slee

“Building upon his past empirical evaluations, Tom Slee explains how ‘sharing economy’ businesses have used feel-good rhetoric to masks intolerant and irresponsible company models.”
—Chris Jay Hoofnagle, lecturer in place of dwelling; college director,
Berkeley heart for legislation & Technology

“The Sharing economic climate frames its critics as Luddites, bureaucrats and rent-seekers, yet Tom Slee is none of those. A considerate technologist, Slee paints a well-researched photograph of businesses that experience equipped up substantial marketplace valuations via externalizing their expenditures and sidestepping rules designed to guard shoppers. This booklet is clear-eyed and important.”
—Sue Gardner, former govt director of the Wikimedia Foundation

“Tom Slee's crucial new booklet exhibits that the sharing economic system has little or no to do with sharing. Slee makes use of wit, readability, and evidence to demolish the self-serving mythologies of Silicon Valley marketers and determine what Uber, Amazon and their variety are quite up to.” —Henry Farrell, co-chair, Social technological know-how learn Council's electronic tradition Initiative; professor of political technological know-how and overseas affairs, George Washington University

“In this lucid and rigorous publication, Tom Slee dismantles the facade of the sharing economic climate, revealing hidden and infrequently troubling truths approximately businesses like Uber and Airbnb. with the intention to know how web companies particularly function, What’s Yours Is Mine is where to start.” —Nicholas Carr, writer of The Shallows and The Glass Cage

“In a box crowded with tech-utopian blowhards and app-happy snake oil salesmen, Tom Slee stands aside. His laser-sharp insights in regards to the genuine influence of renowned start-ups on our livelihoods and groups are the proper antidote to sharing economic climate hype. What’s Yours Is Mine is needed interpreting for somebody drawn to know-how and financial justice.” —Astra Taylor, writer of The People’s Platform: Taking again energy and tradition within the electronic Age

The information is stuffed with their names, supposedly the forefront of a rethinking of capitalism. Lyft, Airbnb, Taskrabbit, Uber, and lots of extra businesses have a mandate of disruption and upending the “old order”—and they’ve succeeded in effecting the “biggest swap within the American team in over a century,” in keeping with former Secretary of work Robert Reich.

But this new wave of expertise businesses is funded and advised via very old-school enterprise capitalists. And in What’s Yours Is Mine, technologist Tom Slee argues the so-called sharing economic climate damages improvement, extends harsh free-market practices into formerly safe components of our lives, and provides the chance for a couple of humans to make fortunes via destructive groups and pushing weak members to tackle unsustainable risk.

Drawing on unique empirical study, Slee indicates that the pleasant language of sharing, belief, and neighborhood mask a darker reality.

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