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By Tom B. Bottomore

Examines either the guidelines and functional stories that have motivated present-day conceptions of ways a socialist financial system can be organised and controlled.

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Regions ... ), especially through the goνernmcnt ol'fϊccs called genkyoku, each of which superνiscs a particu\ar industf)' and is responsible for policies concerning the industry (jhid .. ρρ. 23 Planning ίη the capitalist countries diffcrs considcrabl)'. οΙ' course, from that ίη socialist countries. wherc thc plans ίΙΓΙ: lηΟΓΙ: comprehensiνe, more imperatiνe than indicative. and ίπ\'οΙνι: dircel state management of a large part οι' thc economy. as well as ha\'ing somewhat different objectiνes insofar as a high ΡΓίΟΓίι), is givcn ω maintaining full employment and ιο the proνision οΙ' \\TΙΓOIrι' services.

67-10) referred ιο as 'planning by econ )mic survcy', publishing ίη 1947 the first annual Economic Survη, which had an introductor)' chapter οη economic planning f01l0wed by αη outline οΓ thrcc sets οΓ plans which the government intended ΟΓ hoped to implcmcnt. pcs οΓ pIanning were envisaged and partly implemcntcd. ιι. Furthcrιnore, as Tinbergen (1968, ρ. 102) points out, 'some ηαιίοηαΙ planning ",'as imposed οη a1l member countrics of thc Organization οΓ Europcan Economic Cooperation (OEEC), crcatcd Ιο adBlinistcr thc European Recovery, ΟΓ Marsha1l, Plan, which startcd opcrations ίη 1948'.

Elscwhcrc, ,IS a result of particular circumstanccs, thcrc was also ππ cxtensioJ1 οΙ public ownership; ίη Francc, whcrc cntcrpriscs OWJ1cd b)' collahorutors with thc German occupution forccs wcrc nationalilcd, and ίn Austria, wherc many cntcrpriscs Wl1ich werc Gcrιnan ΡωΡcrι \ during the period of Austria's incorporation ίπ thc Tl1ird Rclι'll were confiscatcd by thc Allicd OCCUP),ing forccs and tl1cn ('cnHIincd ίη public ownership when tl1CY wcrc ('ctur'11cd to Austr'i,I hct\\'ccll 1946 and 1955.

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