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By Donald E. Westlake

Ever-lovable yet hapless criminal John Dortmunder and his merry band of misfits try and force off with a fleet of classic cars in a con opposed to a corrupt CEO who has lavished extra of his company's cash on himself than the lads at Enron and WorldCom mixed.

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Their argument was class: “It has to be one of you guys,†Buddy said. †“That’s right,†Ace agreed. †“Well, I’m not quite sure what ‘hoity-toity’ might be,†Mark snipped, giving a perfect example of the thing itself,;ut neither Os nor I could portray this Gilly fellow for a very good reason. †›xactly,†Os said. †That stopped everybody for a second, but then Ace said, “Heknowsyou. You’re buddies all the time now? †“Yes,†Mark said. Os said, “He’ll certainly rememberme.

I don’t mean work here, I mean work there. At Monroe€™s place. †Bernice sighed. †["_Toc156052589"] 23 WHEN THE PHONE RANG, Dortmunder was making himself a mayonnaise and baloney sandwich on white. He heard the ring, looked at his incomplete sandwich laid open on the plate like a patient etherized upon a table, and thought, what if I don’t answer? Then he replied to himself, it’ll just keep ringing. So he plunged the knife into the mayo jar and marched to the living room where, as predicted, the phone was still ringing.

Tiny considered him. “No,†he decided. “I don’t have to trust you. I just have to find you, if I want to, and you got found once, so you could get found twice. If we want to. , and it was true. He loafed through high school and much of college, collecting Fs and Incompletes as though they were merit badges, until when he was twenty, Henry Sr. had had enough: “You willpassyour four courses this semester,†he announced,:nd I mean all four of them, or your allowance is stopped, your schooling is stopped, the lease on your automobile is stopped, the rent on your apartment is stopped, and all legal fees you incur for whatever reason will henceforward be paid byyou.

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