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By Michael S. Malone

In line with extraordinary entry to the corporation's information, The Intel Trinity is the 1st complete background of Intel Corporation-the crucial corporation of the electronic age- informed throughout the lives of the 3 most vital figures within the company's historical past: Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove.

Often hailed the "most very important corporation within the world," Intel is still, greater than 4 a long time after its inception, a defining corporation of the worldwide electronic economic system. The mythical inventors of the microprocessor-the unmarried most crucial product within the smooth world-Intel this present day builds the tiny "engines" that energy virtually each clever digital machine at the planet.

But the genuine tale of Intel is the human tale of the trio of geniuses at the back of it. Michael S. Malone finds how each one introduced various things to Intel, and at assorted occasions. Noyce, the main revered excessive tech determine of his iteration, introduced credibility (and cash) to the company's founding; Moore made Intel the world's technological chief; and Grove, has relentlessly pushed the corporate to ever-higher degrees of good fortune and competitiveness. with none this sort of figures, Intel could by no means have accomplished its old luck; with them, Intel made attainable the non-public desktop, net, telecommunications, and the non-public electronics revolutions.

The Intel Trinity is not only the tale of Intel's mythical prior; it additionally bargains an research of the bold demanding situations that lie forward because the corporation struggles to keep up its dominance, its tradition, and its legacy.

With 8 pages of black-and-white images.

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