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Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality

What if you happen to needed to take an artwork classification during which you have been simply taught tips to paint a fence? What when you have been by no means proven the work of van Gogh and Picasso, weren’t even advised they existed? regrettably, this is often how math is taught, and so for many folks it turns into the highbrow similar of gazing paint dry.

singularities of transition processes in dynamical systems: qualitative theory of critical delays

The paper offers a scientific research of singularities of transition procedures in dynamical platforms. normal dynamical structures with dependence on parameter are studied. A procedure of rest instances is built. every one leisure time relies on 3 variables: preliminary stipulations, parameters $k$ of the procedure and accuracy $\epsilon$ of the relief.

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Xm ). It follows corresponds to at most one point in G<2n,m,τ that 1,γ˜ n μst ≤m,τ T<2n,≤m,τ (f ; x0 , . . ,xm ) 1,γ˜ st st n ≤ 2 μst m,τ {P<2n,m,X n (τ )} μ≤m−1,τ T<2n,≤m−1,τ (f ; x0 , . . , xm ) . The Distortion Lemma then implies that 1,γ˜ n μst ≤m,τ T<2n,≤m,τ (f ; x0 , . . ,xm ) 1,γ˜ n ≤ 6 μst ≤m−1,τ T<2n,≤m−1,τ (f ; x0 , . . , xm ) . ✷ This completes an outline of treatment of part (I) of (12) for the 1-dimensional case. To carry out part (I) of (12) in the N-dimensional case (N > 1) we use the same ideas, but have to overcome additional difficulties.

G. 1. ns ≤ ln n. In this case, the above argument fails. Indeed, let ns = [ln n], n Consider the image of the cone Kαn (ps−1 ) after the last loop Lns Kαn (ps−1 ). It is the cone, whose width angle is of order 1. Taking into account possibility that Dfε,p˜ s−1 rotates a vertical vector by π2 it is certainly not possible to fulfill (20) by a small perturbation. The natural idea is to avoid looking at condition (20) after “short” loops. This leads to combinatorial analysis of type Ns of trajectories.

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