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By Laurence Moroney

Professional ASP .NET in VB .NET is the center identify within the new Apress ASP.NET publication procedure. An all-in-one reference for professional ASP.NET builders, it's the successor to Professional ASP.NET which has been reprinted. Updated and written new in areas, this can be the professional latecomer to the Microsoft internet improvement marketplace.

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In addition to this, it incorporated a database engine, called JET, that allowed for easy (and visual) integration of databases into your application. It was revolutionary, and almost overnight changed the face of application development. Over the years it evolved up to version 6, adding more features like web development, and the capability to roll your own ActiveX controls. NET 2000, VB evolved further and became one of the languages that could be used to build applications on Microsoft’s newest platform.

You can create separate blocks to deal with different types of errors. You can also nest exception handlers multiple layers deep. • Multithreading. The CLR provides a pool of threads that various classes can make use of. For example, you can call methods, read files, or communicate with web services asynchronously, without needing to explicitly create new threads. NET Framework. NET Figure 1-2. NET Framework 5. NET Is Multidevice and Multibrowser One of the greatest challenges web developers face is the wide variety of browsers they need to support.

The end result is that a string of text appears in a text box on the HTML page that’s rendered and sent to the client. HTML controls are quick and easy to implement, and they have the same set of attributes that you’re used to when working with standard HTML elements on a page. However, they come with a learning curve. HtmlInputText control. NET also supports web controls, which are encapsulated pieces of HTML functionality. Write() command. This approach is awkward, messy, and prone to introducing syntax errors in the page.

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