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KEEP AN OPEN MIND The mind is like a parachute… it only works when it’s open! Some of these exercise may seem a little ‘weird’. You may not understand how they will benefit your sight, but that doesn’t matter. Just keep your mind open, and decide to trust the process. Some of these exercises have been used by many different cultures for hundreds and even thousands of years. They WORK. 8. TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES Always, always, ALWAYS take off your glasses or take out your lenses before you do your 15 minute session.

Before this, the ancient Indian Yogis and Chinese Taoists practiced eye palming techniques for thousands of years. They "palmed" their eyes as a form of meditation or inner visualization and relaxation. What is Palming? Very basically, Palming is simply the act of gently 'cupping' both palms over the eyes, blocking out as much light as possible. There are a few variations to the technique, which we’ll cover in a moment, but first, why does this work to help fix the eyes? The Physical Explanation Palming is one of the most important methods for relaxing eye muscles and eye nerves.

You need to develop some great eye habits, and your daily 15 minute session is going to help condition your mind and body, and train you in the activities that will guarantee the return of perfect vision! However, there are some ‘things’ which aren’t really exercises, they’re just ways of being, or ways of doing day to day activities, so I’ve put them here in the ‘Habits’ chapter. Read this chapter again and again as you go. You need to learn and apply these principles and activities into your day to day life, so that they become completely natural to you.

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