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If a woman is found to have a tubal or ovarian abscess, she is hospitalized and given intravenous antibiotics, as noted previously. C03_P4 3/5/08 5:06 PM Page 33 A Silent Disease: The Diagnosis and Management of PID required. The surgical procedure can be carried out in many ways. The patient may undergo a laparoscopy, as mentioned previously, in which the abscess is located and drained. Alternatively, the abscess may be identified and located by ultrasound or CT scan, a technique that enables the surgeon to insert a small drainage tube into the abscess.

1 Cell infected with chlamydia. © Dr. Fred Hossler/Visuals Unlimited reproduce and complete its life cycle. There are two phases in the life cycle of the bacterium. In the first phase, the bacterium is called an elementary body. In this form, Chlamydia trachomatis survives outside the host cell, is transmissible, and attaches to and binds with the surface of another host cell. The elementary body is the infectious form of chlamydia bacterium. Once the elementary body has attached to the surface of the host’s cell (the endocervical cell in women or the urethral epithelial cell in men), the host cell allows it to enter, or be absorbed into, the inside of the cell.

Pharyngeal gonorrhea is almost always without symptoms. When Neisseria is inoculated into the eye, it causes conjunctivitis (swelling and inflammation of the conjunctivae, the tissue lining the eyelid). Infection of the eye is always symptomatic and can rapidly become a severe infection that progresses to an ulcer (a deep sore) of the cornea in some patients. As noted above, most adults with gonococcal conjunctivitis acquired the infection through self-inoculation from their hands. DIAGNOSIS OF GONORRHEA The diagnosis of gonorrhea is made when a laboratory test detects the presence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in a clinical specimen taken from the patient.

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