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By Frank Eller

If you are simply beginning in Delphi and wish anything to complement your periods, or you are a professional specialist who does not know the way to do a little issues in Delphi (I discovered the part on programming DLLs very priceless as I hadn't attempted programming them long ago) this e-book can be an exceptional selection.

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The new record would therefore look like this: Inheritance means that an object derives all its data and structures from another object. In the original version, let’s begin by changing the word record to object: ■ TAKE THAT! 3 type TMyAddress = Name Firstname Street State City end; object : String; : String; : String; : String; : String; var MyAddress : TMyAddress; To extend the object, we derive a new object from it. The new object then contains all the data structures already present in the original object.

If both fields contain inputs, we can carry out the calculation. However, the data still consist of values of the data type String, and we need Integer or Double values. Text); if (Percentage>99) or (Percentage<1) then exit; At this point, we have also inserted a small control that quits the routine without another calculation if the percentage rate does not lie between 1 and 100. A percentage rate of 0% would be just as pointless as a percentage rate that was 100% or higher. The next step is to calculate the net value.

CLX Kylix has already been released, and there has also been talk that it should now be possible to develop multiplatform applications with Delphi. Indeed, Delphi now contains both standard visual component library (VCL) and CLX (pronounced “clicks”) for developing non-system-specific applications. You can therefore develop simultaneously for Windows and Linux if you have the Professional Version or better. Here, Borland have achieved something that others have already attempted. Tip If you want to develop for both the Windows and the Linux operating systems, you must ensure that you do not program any operating-system-specific calls.

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