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By Laurier L. Schramm

This reference offers short causes for crucial phrases that could be encountered in a examine of the basic rules, experimental investigations, and commercial purposes of nano- and microscience, together with colloid and interface technological know-how. greater than a dictionary, the booklet additionally presents info on houses, devices, equations, ideas, and pioneers within the box. the excellent content material covers either present and older phrases, entire cross-references for an important synonyms, abbraviations, and acronyms, an various tables for the short oberview. An authoritative reference, important for unhindered verbal exchange and data move during this fast-growing and largely interdisciplinary box.

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Bright-Field Microscopy Optical microscopy in which the illumination is provided directly behind the Random fluctuations in the density of molecules at any location in a liquid, due to thermal energy, cause other molecules and small dispersed particles to move along random pathways. The random particle motions are termed Brownian Motion and are most noticeable for particles smaller than a few micrometres in diameter. 43 44 Bubble Pickup Brownstock Brush Polymers In the kraft chemical pulping of cellulose wood fibres (for paper making) alkaline solutions are used to degrade and dissolve lignin and allow the cellulose fibres to be separated, washed, and possibly bleached.

It is also used to describe the process of recrystallization, in which larger crystals grow at the expense of smaller ones, that is, Ostwald ripening. Agitator A general term referring to mechanical mechanisms that mix and recirculate colloidal dispersions within vessels. The mechanisms may include propellors, paddles, turbines, or shaking devices. Agitator Ball Mill A machine for the comminution, or size reduction, of minerals or other materials. Such machines crush the input material by wet grinding in a cylindrical rotating bin containing grinding balls.

Polymorphism refers to different crystal structures of the same compound. Alum Shale An obsolete term for oil shale. See Oil Shale. Amicron An older particle-size range distinction no longer in use. See Micrometre and Micron. (δo ) ratio and a displacement-by-water ratio (δw ). In the Amott–Harvey test, a core is first prepared at irreducible water saturation. 0 for complete water-wetting. See also Reference [54], Wettability, and Wettability Index. Amott Wettability Index See Amott Test. Amphipathic Amonton’s Law A description of friction that states that the coefficient of friction is given by the frictional force divided by the load normal to the direction of motion along the surfaces.

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