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Of all the tested metals, alloys, organic compounds and inorganic saline mixtures, the mixture NaN0 2 /NaNo 3 emerged as the most favorable (in relation to the others), but there is still a long way to go before a really serviceable latent-heat-storage solar cooker can hit the market. Among the problems still to be remedied: - corrosion due to the mixture's chemical aggressiveness - the design of the heat box and the fit to a suitable type of focussing reflector the elimination of phase-separation problems in long-term operation - sundry technical problems and - ascertainment of the system's acceptance potential.

100. 0. 5. 20. Figure 10: Global (-o-o-) and diffuse irradiance (-x-x-), measured in W/m 2 , vs. 3 Solar Cooking Pr91eqta In some countries, projects promoting the use of solar cookers are being sponsored by the government or public or private institutions. Those being implemented in India, Kenya, Mali, Pakistan and the Sudan are exemplified below. 1 Ipdia'a Rational Solar Cooker ProQram The solar-cooker dissemination project is part of India's National Program for the Development and Use of Renewable Energy Sources.

Testing is still more important than mass dissemination. The introduction of solar cookers in rural Sind is being closely coordinated with local production centers, national development organizations and field workers from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Some 500 villages have been selected to participate in field testing of the solar cookers. e. more within the framework of communal events. In that connection, the organization relies heavily on the female staff of the women's education centers (WEC's) for providing information and advice.

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