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By Kara E. Powell, Kendall Payne

How teenage women can strive against the world's definition of self-image via a biblical knowing of who they're If there's a teenage woman who feels happy with her physique and visual appeal, the authors haven't begun to fulfill her. This ebook is helping clarify the place that dissatisfaction comes from, from media like MTV, magazines, and ads. It then supplies ladies a fit biblical standpoint on actual visual appeal, concluding that the only means for women to event lasting attractiveness in their our bodies is to examine how God has created them and the way he intends for them to like others and themselves. via their very own vulnerability and private tales, the authors support ladies become aware of they don't seem to be the single ones who suppose so poorly approximately themselves. This innovative booklet is written extra like a talk than a lecture and offers the subjects and the biblical passages approximately self-image in new and clean methods.

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But my mom’s always behind the other moms, so I had to wait a whole extra year. It was just lipstick at first. And really, it was more like lip gloss. Then blush and mascara. By high school, I was into eye shadow, foundation, the works. I wore make-up every day to school, but I didn’t wear as much as my friends did. They wore like twice as much as me. So I felt like it was still OK. In college, I moved into a dorm where guys lived on the same floor as me. One side of the hallway was men, the other side was women.

And I was eager. The most popular girl at our junior high school was named Kim. She was my friend’s friend’s friend, which meant she probably knew my name, but nothing else about me. I knew lots of stuff about her – what radio station she listened to, who she was going out with, where she shopped, what she did for fun. ” That meant THE WORLD to me. She saw that I existed. And that made me feel a little more important. Plus I was ashamed. E. E. meant changing in the junior high girls locker room.

Cool ones too. I’m no beauty queen, but I’m way better than before. Plus I’m dating more. Well, at least lots of first and second dates. The relationships don’t seem to last very long. But I’m also comparing more. I’ve been comparing myself to other girls as long as I can remember. But I’ve gotten meaner about it. I gained some weight in college, and I remember seeing a friend from high school who had also gained the freshman fifteen pounds. ” Speaking of food, I’m definitely into calorie counting.

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