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By Massad Ayoob

In this excerpt from Combat Shooting, Massad Ayoob examines the reports and educating of 3 of the best gunfighters of all time. learn the way Wyatt Earp, Charles Askins, Jr., and Jim Cirillo approached the artwork and technological know-how of wrestle capturing.

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Corral incident was Wyatt Earp’s first gunfight, and he was by no means the world’s most seasoned lawman. He had some six years of law enforcement experience, some of it full-time in Dodge City and Wichita, Kansas, and was a part-time cop and full-time coach guard for Wells Fargo at the time of the Tombstone gun battle. It was his first gunfight, but not his first shooting. 45 that narrowly missed the marshal. As he rode off, Earp, Masterson, and possibly others opened fire. Though no one could be sure, Earp was credited with the shot that struck the fleeing George Hoy in the arm and caused him to fall from his horse.

38 Special revolvers. 38 ammo at the time, the penalties for carrying something else were not as strict as they would be later, and both Cirillo and Allard were fully prepared to endure a slap on the wrist if their non-approved ammo ended a gunfight more quickly.

JIM CIRILLO SHOWS ONE OF HIS FANS the fine points of fitting a revolver. Despite his star-level reputation, he was a friendly, self-effacing man with an earthy sense of humor. 38 Special like this one was Cirillo’s primary handgun in his gunfights. This one has S&W finger groove grips; Cirillo made his own to fit his hands. He had done better than he knew. The robber who wasn’t going anywhere was mortally wounded by a bullet through the brain. 38 Special. Two of the bullets had skidded off his skull, leaving him up and running.

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