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A man beats the shit out of you, you press charges. ” Marco touched the healing cut on his lip with the tip of his tongue. ” Kent’s body seemed to relax enough to lean back in the wide leather desk chair. ” Shocked, Marco leant forward, bracing his hands on the arms of the chair. “You knew about that? ” “I saw you reading a birthday card on your seventeenth birthday,” Kent stated. His tone was matter-of-fact, but Marco could sense some underlying hurt. ” “I guess I figured that out. ” Marco knew it was time.

I’m clean. ” Kent nodded, placing kisses to Marco’s bruised jaw. ” “What? ” Marco asked. “No. Me wanting you as much as I do. ” Marco gazed into Kent’s eyes. He’d never noticed what a kaleidoscope of colour the man’s eyes were, browns, mixed with greens and a hint of blue. As he stared, he tried to tell himself he was good enough for a successful man like Kent. “Why would you want me? You could have anyone. ” Kent reached across to the small prep-sink and wet another napkin before returning to dab at Marco’s cut.

He’s going to see Dad,” Bruno spat. “He’s our Dad and he misses us,” Nicky countered. Marco held up his hands. ” His brothers quieted, but continued to give each other dirty looks. ” Marco asked. They hadn’t seen Eddy De La Santo since he’d stolen the money Marco had set aside to put a new roof on the house. “About an hour ago. He said he was in town and wanted to come over,” Nicky explained. “In town? ” Marco knew no good would come from letting his father visit. ” Bruno stood and crossed his arms over his chest.

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