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By Jeffrey Cohen

Wise-cracking former investigative reporter and aspiring screenwriter Aaron Tucker has the same opinion to aid filthy rich New Jersey businessman Gary Beckwirth locate his lacking spouse, Madlyn. A mysterious mini van, a mayoral election and homicide retain our hero hopping whilst he'd wish to be stay-at-home dad.

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Madlyn, meanwhile, was doing the housewife thing, and happily, according to her husband. She had precipitated the move to Midland Heights five years ago, just about the time Gary had hit the online jackpot. She doted on her son, according to Milt, but couldn’t have any more children because of damage done to her uterus during Joel’s delivery. In the womb, the kid was already making sure nobody would have it as good as he had it. This had gone on for 14 years, until now. Gary was rich, Joel was rigid, and Madlyn was gone.

It took me that long to recover from the shock of my latest journalistic assignment. She was physically well, but emotionally shook up. Apparently the Shop-Rite near her house was selling orange juice after the stamped expiration date, and she had given them hell about it. It was almost on par with the lawn service fertilizer scandal of ’97. I still had a couple of assignments with deadlines approaching, and I made phone calls on them until the kids got home. Ethan barreled in first, flinging the front door open, stomping into the house and hanging his backpack on one of the banister rungs currently unoccupied.

Right now, Ethan’s face was expressionless. He was thinking about something other than being home. He didn’t notice me until I hung up the phone. Nobody can ignore you better than an 11-year-old boy. Except maybe a 13-year-old girl, but I’ll get back to you on that in six years. “Hey, Skipper. ” Best to show them you’re their friend. They can smell fear. ” Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome, like Ethan, tend to have unusual vocal expressions. Some speak with little inflection. Others mumble. Ethan’s voice is unusually high.

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