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By Joji Kajiwara, Zhong Li, Kwang Ho Shon

This quantity offers the court cases of the 7th foreign Colloquium on Finite or endless Dimensional complicated research held in Fukuoka, Japan. The contributions provide a number of views and various learn examples on complicated variables, Clifford algebra variables, hyperfunctions and numerical research.

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Some new inequalities similar to Hilbert-type integral inequality with a homogeneous kernel. J. Math. Inequal. 6, 183–193 (2012) 4. : New multiple inequality similar to Hardy-Hilbert’s integral inequality. Tamsui Oxf. J. Inf. Math. Sci. 28, 281–292 (2012) 5. : On several new Hilbert-type inequalities involving means operators. Acta Math. Sin. Engl. Ser. 29, 1493–1514 (2013) 6. : The best constants in multidimensional Hilbert-type inequalities involving some weighted means operators. Bull. Malays.

Y; x/ for all x; y 2 X ; 3. y; z/ for all x; y; z 2 X . Theorem 1 ([19]). X; d / and a strictly contractive mapping J W X ! X , with the Lipshitz constant L < 1. y; Jy/ for all y 2 Y . 2 Solutions of Eq. (2) Throughout this section, X and Y will be real vector spaces. The functional equation (2) is connected with the functional equation (1) as it is shown below: Theorem 2. A function f W X ! Y satisfies the functional equation: f m X i D1 ! xi xj /g (4) 56 M. Almahalebi et al. y/ (5) for x; y 2 X .

Appl. 17, 937–946 (2014) 10. : Multiple Hilbert and Hardy-Hilbert inequalities with nonconjugate parameters. Bull. Aust. Math. Soc. 71, 447–457 (2005) ˇ 11. : General Hilbert’s inequality with non-conjugate parameters. Math. Inequal. Appl. 11, 237–269 (2008) 12. : New inequalities similar to Hardy-Hilbert’s inequality. Turk. J. Math. 34, 153–165 (2010) 13. : On a generalization of Hardy-Hilbert’s integral inequality. Bull. Acad. S¸tiin¸te Repub. Mold. Mat. 2, 91–110 (2010) 14. : Inequalities, 2nd edn.

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