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By Clemens Pechstein

Tearing and interconnecting tools, resembling FETI, FETI-DP, BETI, etc., are one of the such a lot profitable area decomposition solvers for partial differential equations. the aim of this e-book is to offer an in depth and self-contained presentation of those equipment, together with the corresponding algorithms in addition to a rigorous convergence thought. particularly, matters are addressed that experience no longer been lined in any monograph but: the coupling of finite and boundary parts in the tearing and interconnecting framework together with external difficulties, and the case of hugely various (multiscale) coefficients now not resolved by means of the subdomain partitioning. during this context, the e-book deals an in depth view to an lively and up to date zone of research.

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Such that for all 0 Ä ` Ä k Ä 2, ju ˘ h ujH ` . / Ä CSZ hk ` jujH k .! ˝/: where ! is the union of elements (in ˝) touching . The last estimate holds true even for real Sobolev indices k and `. 46. 44 can also be achieved using the Scott-Zhang quasi-interpolant. 7 High Order FEM The high order FEM or hp-FEM was introduced in [BG86, BS87], see also the monographs [Dem07, KS99, Mel02, Sch98b]. ˝/ be a shape regular triangulation of ˝. ˝/ we choose a polynomial degree p 2 N. ˝/g; where Pk are the polynomials (in d variables) of total degree at most k, b denotes the reference element, and F W b !

1 Ä hS int v; vi Ä cK kvk2V 1=2 1 8v 2 H 0 Ä hS int v; vi Ä cK kvk2V 1 8v 2 H 1=2 . /; Ä hS ext v; vi Ä cK kvk2V 8v 2 H 1=2 1 . /; 1 8v 2 H 1=2 . /; if d D 2; 8v 2 H 1=2 . /; if d D 3; 1 1 0 Ä hS ext Ä hS ext 1 v; vi Ä v; vi Ä cK kvk2V kvk2V 1 . 77, which only depends on the shape of . 1=2 (ii) In three dimensions, the splitting H 1=2 . / D H . / ˚ spanf1 g is orthogoext nal with respect to the hS ; i-inner product. Proof. Recall that for d D 3, S int=ext D V tially from V 1 1 D V 1 . 12 I ˙ K/.

N/ t u . D ;) is treated in Sect. 5. ˝/. 37. 40. ˝/ is defined by h RProof. 3]. @˝/. ˝/. 41. 3. @˝/ ! ˝/ is a linear and continuous operator. For A D I we simply write H and call it the harmonic extension operator. @˝/ . ˝/ is called (PDE-) harmonic in ˝, if v D H a 0 v. ˝/ ! @˝/ is called Steklov-Poincar´e operator. @˝/; we see that S is self-adjoint. @˝/. @˝/ with equivalence constants depending only on the shape of ˝. ˝/ ! @˝/ W f 7! 40 imply that N is linear and continuous. Note that both operators S and N depend on the coefficient A .

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