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42 feeling blue Here is an example of the completed diary where the negative thoughts have been answered with logical thoughts. Date/ Time 2/2/09 4 pm Feelings Feeling down Rating = 8 Situation Came home from school Negative Thoughts Your Answer The Outcome Today is a wasted day, I did nothing useful. I don’t remember anything I learned. Why do I bother to go to school? My time table showed that I attended lessons and I made some notes with worksheets. I read through my worksheets and it wasn’t as hard as I imagined.

Am I fretting about the way things ought to be instead of accepting them as they are? My Classmates Hate Me! A teenager once told me that his classmates in his new school did not like him. He came to that conclusion because they did not talk to him in class. When I asked him if there were any reasons he could think of for them not talking to him, he came up with a few reasons—they were not supposed to talk in class, he did not introduce himself and he shied away from looking at anyone which might have given them the impression that he himself was unfriendly.

Although medical and mental health professionals play a crucial role in risk assessment, the provision of emergency services and treatments, and the development of a knowledge base through research and the evaluation of suicide preventive measures, members of the community have a part to play to reduce the incidence of suicide. The need to openly address the issue of suicide is important as there is a basic lack of awareness about suicide, in part due to the cultural taboos surrounding the subject5,6.

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