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38 Fast Pulsed and Burst Reactors up to the start of tripout of the scram assembly is almost constant (see Fig. 3· v3 L-LJL . n. 34) It is interesting that the level of the plateau is independent of the energy release during the burst and of the initial reactivity, but is dependent only on the feedback coefficient A f . /iAi. f l î '' The reactor power on the plateau is quite large, which creates difficulties for carrying out experiments on FBR. 1 sec after the burst. In order to shorten the length of the pulse plateau, the procedure used is preselection of the scram mechanism — a signal to operate is applied at a time before the burst, approximately equal to the inertia time of the scram system actuator.

25 Kinetics of Fast Burst Reactors Any inertia of the negative feedback increases the total heat release in a reactor with constant external positive reactivity. 24) + AQ - Ax,N(t) d Thé last term represents the correction to the instantaneous temperature coefficient, and it should be small, as it is assumed that the feedback delay is insignificant: T d N(t) « Q(t). Using the solution of Eq. 3), and the above inequality, it can be obtained that a Tj << 1. o d This inequality means that the time lag is small in comparison with the initial excursion period.

Where x = - Q A T . / T . \ψ'λ (e The initial power is assumed to be small. 1 - x), We determine the total burst energy by putting N = 0 in the solution x (e As x o = - 1) (ε - τ/τ,) = -τχ / τ , . d o a <ν Α Ν 2

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