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By World Health Organization Department of Reproductive Health and Research (WHO RHR) and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (CCP)

This new instruction manual deals clinic-based health and wellbeing care pros the most recent counsel on supplying contraceptive equipment. one of many international Heath association s 4 Cornerstones of relatives making plans tips, the booklet has been ready via a different collaboration among Johns Hopkins Bloomberg university of Public healthiness, the U.S. corporation for overseas improvement and over 30 companies world wide.

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Women are more likely to use ECPs if they already have them when needed. Also, having them on hand enables women to take them as soon as possible after unprotected sex. When to Use ó Any time within 5 days after unprotected sex. The sooner after unprotected sex that ECPs are taken, the more effective they are. ECPs Appropriate in Many Situations ECPs can be used any time a woman is worried that she might become pregnant. For example, after: ó Sex was forced (rape) or coerced ó Any unprotected sex ó Contraceptive mistakes, such as: – Condom was used incorrectly, slipped, or broke – Couple incorrectly used a fertility awareness method (for example, failed to abstain or to use another method during the fertile days) – Man failed to withdraw, as intended, before he ejaculated – Woman has missed 3 or more combined oral contraceptive pills or has started a new pack 3 or more days late – IUD has come out of place – Woman is more than 2 weeks late for her repeat progestin-only injection or more than 7 days late for her repeat monthly injection Providing Emergency Contraceptive Pills 49 Dosing Information For specific products and number of pills to provide, see Pill Formulations and Dosing, p.

It is very important to start the next pack on time. Starting a pack late risks pregnancy. 5. Provide backup method and explain use ó Sometimes she may need to use a backup method, such as when she misses pills. 6. Explain that effectiveness decreases when breastfeeding stops ó Without the additional protection of breastfeeding itself, POPs are not as effective as most other hormonal methods. ó Backup methods include abstinence, male or female condoms, spermicides, and withdrawal. Tell her that spermicides and withdrawal are the least effective contraceptive methods.

If, however, the condition develops after she starts using POPs, she should stop. Help her choose a method without hormones. ó Refer for diagnosis and care if not already under care. Suspected pregnancy ó Assess for pregnancy, including ectopic pregnancy. ó Tell her to stop taking POPs if pregnancy is confirmed. ó There are no known risks to a fetus conceived while a woman is taking POPs (see Question 3, p. 42). Can a woman who is breastfeeding safely use POPs? Yes. This is a good choice for a breastfeeding mother who wants to use pills.

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