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By James W. Henderson, John O. Pisciotta

Economics is a price weighted down enterprise--and this regardless of the oft repeated claims of neutrality, objectivity, and the absence of bias. This quantity explores the connection among Christianity and economics, arguing that the 2 can and may be built-in. whereas no unmarried Christian viewpoint drives the ebook, the authors do percentage in universal a trust that scholarship formed by means of Christian commitments is fullyyt acceptable and may be a vital part of the pro lifetime of Christian economist. particularly, this quantity demonstrates how Christianity shapes the worldview an economist brings to the duty, the questions an economist asks, and the regulations an economist advocates.

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I can best illustrate by reflecting on the traditions that shape my own scholarship. qxd 22 12/02/05 07:26 PM Page 22 Faith-Informed Scholarship my involvement in the historian’s craft. ” Rather, it is shaped by a number of specific Christian subtraditions, including the Augustinian, the Kuyperian, and a bit of the influence of Reinhold Niebuhr (or at least my imperfect and selective understandings of these traditions). The first two of these subtraditions emphasize both creation and regeneration.

It also requires the ability to carry out empirical work to test the validity of hypotheses and the effectiveness of medications. This is not that different from what Christian economists working on mainstream research are trying to do. They are trying to improve the health of the economy. The Scriptures make clear that certain economic issues are priorities— the welfare of the poor, the carrying out of economic justice, and the stewardship of the physical world, just to name a few. S. and other societies should be seen rather like a disease that needs to be addressed.

Finally, by policy advocate I mean someone who advocates changes in policies that have detrimental effects, or advocates new policies that address failures in the economic system. I believe each Christian economist must take on each of these three roles. All have three hats they must wear. However, as a good trade economist, I believe in comparative advantage. And that means that not all Christian economists will do all three things equally well. Some are very well suited to doing the more philosophically challenging research.

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