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By Gerard Letac, L. Kay

This ebook provides the issues and worked-out options for all of the routines within the textual content by means of Malliavin. it will likely be of use not just to arithmetic lecturers, but additionally to scholars utilizing the textual content for self-study.

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Let M be the set of measures v ;::: 0 on (0, +(0) equipped with its Borel algebra, such that v([x, +(0)) < +00 for every x > O. If k is a positive integer, we denote by C k the set of functions 9 on (0, +(0) such that G(x) = (_l)k-l g(k-l)(x) exists and is convex and also that lim x -++oo g(x) = lim x-++ oo G(x) = O. (1) If 9 E C k , show that there exists a unique v in M such that (i) g(x) = 1 00 [ (1 - ~) +] k v(du) for every x> O. II. Borel Measures and Radon Measures 25 (2) Conversely, let v EM.

8. SOLUTION. (1) Let K~ be the complement in R of [-a, +a]. Ln(K~). Ln (K~; S f. for f. 8 gives the result. Lo({-a,+a}) = O. Lo to (-a,+a). Lo as n -+ 00. Hence lin -+ 110 weakly as n -+ 00. Since a E A, for every f. > 0 there exists an open set O. ) S ~. , and satisfies J I. Lo (dx) S ~. Then limn ..... ) S f.. Lo(dx) if a E A because JxJ is bounded on (-a, +a). Lo(dx). L(K;') S ~:. 2 2 II. Borel Measures and Radon Measures Hence, if a E 35 A, li~~~p 1£:00 Ixl(JLn(dx) - JL(dx)) 1::; 2~. Since A is unbounded, this proves (2).

0 and (1) If there exists Xo > 0 such that F(xo) > 0, then, for x> Xo, G(x) ~ G(xo) which implies that limx-++oo G(x) Therefore x G(x) - G(2) = J~r 2 + (x - = xo)F(xo), +00. But this is a contradiction. x F(t)dt ~ 2 F (x) ~ o. 24 II. Borel Measures and Radon Measures Hence lim x-++oo xF(x) +00, G(x) = O. Applying (2) of Problem II-4 and letting Xo = 1+00 l[x,+oo) (u)(u - ........ x)fJ(du). fo This proves formula (i), with G(x) ;::: 0 and oo l[x,+oo) (u)ufJ(du) < 00 (and thus fJ E M 1 ). To prove uniqueness, let fJ-l E Ml such that G(x) = fooo(u - x)+fJl(du).

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