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Regulating Euthanasia Keeps It Safe Perhaps the strongest argument for legalizing assisted suicide is that, as more of our citizens are elderly, continued prohibition may create the dangerous situation that exists in some Latin American countries where hospitals are flooded with women whose Dying with Dignity illegal abortions have been botched. When our beloved old cat had to be put Already, Germans, in small numbers down because he was in unbearable pain and had no quality of life, the whole famnow, cross the border to Switzerland ily mourned his passing.

Lake is a Canadian journalist and a retired professor of psychology. Consider the following questions: 1. How might legalizing euthanasia make people more likely to seek medical treatment, according to Lake? 2. How might legalizing euthanasia actually prolong life, in Lake’s opinion? 3. What, in Lake’s opinion, is human life? What kind of human life does he say is worth living? I n a recent [Ottawa (ON)] Citizen article opposing assisted suicide, ethicist Margaret Somerville, too harshly criticizes her teaching ability and, in passing, perhaps unfairly slams the media.

Lake says there is no reason to think that legalizing euthanasia will set society on a “slippery slope” to abuse it. How do you think each of the authors in this section would respond to this claim? Write one sentence for each author. 56 EUTHANASIA Section Two: Model Essays and Writing Exercises Preface A The Five-Paragraph Essay A n essay is a short piece of writing that discusses or analyzes one topic. The five-paragraph essay is a form commonly used in school assignments and tests. Every five-paragraph essay begins with an introduction, ends with a conclusion, and features three supporting paragraphs in the middle.

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