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By Giovanni Maio

Modern drugs indicates omnipotence and a picture of existence as anything that may be perfected at any time. but our view of items alterations whilst ailment throws us into an existential quandary. Then we search human solutions and believe misunderstood and deserted within the procedure of recent medicine.

Professor Giovanni Maio, the eloquent suggest of a brand new tradition of drugs, poses basic questions during this publication that not anyone can fairly stay away from: the place are the guarantees of reproductive and transplantation drugs prime us? To what quantity can well-being be made, and to what quantity is it a present? Does "prettier, larger, greater" promise us larger happiness? Why is the query of organ donation more challenging than is advised to us? Does being previous have its personal intrinsic price? How do we gather an perspective in the direction of demise that doesn't depart us feeling powerless?

Giovanni Maio's profound plea for an ethics of prudence opens up hitherto unknown views. during this approach lets unfastened ourselves from the assumption in perfection and locate our strategy to a brand new serenity as a for a superb life.

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The thought that the engineered solution might not always be the best occurs to many couples far too seldom. Medicine should make these solutions available as a matter of course, yet should always remain aware of their limits and should openly discuss the possibility of their failure with the couples. Only discussing the possibility of failure as soon and as openly as possible gives couples the chance to become comfortable with possible alternatives such as adoption, foster parenting, or even a life without children of their own.

With egg donation, a child is conceived 18 Chapter 1 Meeting in the Petri Dish? whose ancestral classification initially had be determined externally because it no longer followed naturally. In Germany, the legal problem has been resolved. There the principle applies that the child “belongs” solely to the mother who gives birth to it. Yet a law was required to define a circumstance that had previously been self-evident. These comments raise the following questions: to what extent can it be advisable to intentionally burden the child and future adult with these great challenges, which can even assume the form of an unreasonable demand?

32 Chapter 2 Screen, Test, Weed Out? A Patient’s Story I would like to introduce the problems of prenatal diagnostics by recounting a patient’s story in which I became involved as a disinterested party and which has given me pause. A 29-year-old woman had developed what is known as a gestosis, a pathological disorder of pregnancy during her first pregnancy. This disorder was so severe that the patient’s life was threatened. However, adequate medical care successfully brought it under control. The disorder nonetheless resulted in a premature birth.

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