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By Jacek Kudrewicz, Stefan Wasowicz

Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) are digital structures that may be used as a synchronized oscillator, a driving force or multiplier of frequency, a modulator or demodulator and as an amplifier of section modulated signs. This ebook updates the tools utilized in the research of PLLs by way of drawing at the effects got within the final forty years. Many are released for the 1st time in ebook shape. Nonlinear and deterministic mathematical versions of continuous-time and discrete-time PLLs are thought of and their simple homes are given within the kind of theorems with rigorous proofs. The ebook shows very attractive dynamics, and indicates a number of actual phenomena saw in synchronized oscillators defined through entire (not averaged) equations of PLLs. in particular chosen mathematical instruments are used the speculation of differential equations on a torus, the phase-plane pix on a cyclinder, a perturbation idea (Melnikov s theorem on heteroclinic trajectories), imperative manifolds, iterations of one-dimensional maps of a circle and two-dimensional maps of a cylinder. utilizing those instruments, the houses of PLLs, specifically the areas of synchronization are defined. Emphasis is on bifurcations of assorted kinds of periodic and chaotic oscillations. unusual attractors within the dynamics of PLLs are thought of, similar to these chanced on by means of Rössler, Henon, Lorenz, might, Chua and others.

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