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By Robert A. Lewis, Norbert Stein, Carolyn W. Lewis (auth.), Robert A. Lewis, Norbert Stein, Carolyn W. Lewis (eds.)

There is a smart dispar.ity among the power of the main business countries to provide and distribute chemical substances and our skill to understand the character and power severity of accidental results for guy, his lifestyles help structures and the surroundings ordinarily. in addition, the distance among our skill to provide and distribute myriad chemical substances and our skill to spot, comprehend or are expecting detrimental environmental affects might widen. As environmental scientists we're aware of the interrelatedness, not just of environmental structures, yet of countries besides. fabrics are consistently moved throughout limitations via human in addition to average organizations. the level, price and nature of move for many pollution is essentially unknown. we will basically wager which of the various chemical compounds produced are applicants for problem. extra vital nonetheless is our functional lack of awareness of the mechanisms of continual results upon usual structures and of the concentrations, combos and situations that could bring about irreversibilities or to critical effects for guy. we all know little or no additionally concerning the power for or the categories of oblique results that would ensue. With recognize to the environmentltself, we all know little of its assimilative capability in regards to commonly dispersed toxins and their transformation items. yet what we do recognize is disquieting, and a much-improved approach for the assessment and administration of poisonous and dangerous chemical compounds is needed.

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In western Canada, decreased reproduction in the Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus) and the Merlin (Falco columbarius) has been related to DDE-induced eggshell thinning and contamination of their eggs with dieldrin and mercury (Fyfe, Risebrough and Walker, 1976). The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) has also been intensively studied due to its declining population, limited distribution and its acute sensitivity to oc contamination (Peakall, 1976). In British Columbia, investigation of the death of large numbers of waterfowl each year from 1973 to 1975 revealed the cause to be poisoning by carbofuran granules applied to vegetable crops which had persisted in the soil (Williams, Brown and Whitehead, 1976).

The above three programmes are working in close connection with each other. Through these studies, the present main problems in the realization of environmental sample banking in Japan are summarized as follows: 1) To make clear the object of the sample bank. From this point , the collection and selection of samples, the method of storage, the size of the bank and other all problems are introduced. 2) The selection of samples to be collected and stored in the sample bank which reflects the environm~ntal condition of the Japanese islands.

50 Figure 1- Block Diagram Describing Collection, Preparation and Storage of Specimens Collected for Toxic Chemical Analysis PE Glass Teflon FIELD COLLECTION Biologist Ice lay collector Dry Ice LN2 Other agency -40 C -80 C LN2 Egg homogenate Dissecting NBS Liver Homogenizing Other Freeze drying Ashing ADD BLIND REFERENCE SAMPLES • I I I I IL ______ _ -40 C -80 C LN2 ORF* * BM Other * NWRC - National Wildlife Research Center * USOX - Sequential Code Assigned to each Specimen * ORF - Ontario Research Foundation * B-M - Barringer Magenta Ltd.

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