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By Shannon Hale

Enna and Princess Isi grew to become speedy associates within the Goose woman, yet after Isi married Prince Geric, Enna back to the wooded area. Enna's easy lifestyles alterations perpetually while she learns to wield fireplace and burn whatever at will. Enna is confident that she will use her skill for good--to struggle Tira, the dominion threatening the Bayern borders--and is going on mystery raids to set hearth to the Tiran camps and villages. yet because the strength of the hearth grows improved, she is much less capable of keep an eye on her have to burn. In her recklessness she is captured via the Tiran military and held captive via a good-looking, manipulative younger captain who medications her to maintain her less than his impact. Can Isi and her outdated associates Finn and Razo rescue her with out sacrificing themselves? And with the fireplace nonetheless eating her, will Enna give you the chance to control the reward that threatens to wreck her?

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Until recently I was unaware that many of you still questioned your place in the kingdom of Bayern. I had planned to come here and assure you of Bayern's need and desire to count the Forest dwellers among our own. There have been unsettling rumors of war coming from the south all summer, and I knew that before long the crown would be calling to all her citizens to raise the javelin in defense of her borders. "Time has already overtaken us. Not three hours ago a messenger from the capital overtook my party here in the Forest.

Chapter 4 eric sent out messengers calling all Forest javelin bearers to meet at Sprucegrove in three days. Enna left the capital ahead of Geric and Isi to find Leifer. When she came home, she saw the chickens were fed and watered, but the house was empty, the hearth cold. That night she slept fitfully, starting awake every time she thought she smelled smoke. Disappointed, in the morning she freshened her pack and set off alone. An empty house was a lonely thing, but solitude in the Forest felt right.

And maybe to show you what might be going on in Leifer's mind. But you see now, right? " Enna blinked and found her legs felt weak. She sat down, and Isi sat beside her. "I see," said Enna. "I've gone through three waiting women in two years. It's trying for me and disturbing to others, but in the end it's only wind. But Leifer . " Isi looked up. "The old tales say once a person could speak all the languages. Maybe it's just because I know so few, just some bird, and wind, and the bond with my horse.

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