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By Young Kyun Oh

In Engraving advantage , younger Kyun Oh investigates the publishing background of the Samgang Haengsil-to (Illustrated consultant to the 3 Relations), an ethical primer of Chosn (13921910), and strains the ways that woodblock revealed books helped shape premodern Korea.

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Zhuzi yulei 10:46. He also describes, “For learners of these days, what they have read is as if they haven’t; what they have not yet read is as if they have” (今之學者,看了也似不曾看,不曾看也似看了。Zhuzi yulei 10:72), meaning that, because of their careless reading habits, people retain nothing from what they read, as if they had not read the books at all, but also pretend to know what is in books without actually reading them. 22 chapter one grownups don’t remember is that children are single-minded.

Ca. 1342]) 2:10; Pak Hyŏn-gyu, “Koryŏ-mal sŏngnihak kwa Yi Che-hyŏn ŭi suyong kwajŏng” [Late Koryŏ Neo-Confucian discourse on nature and principle, and Yi Che-hyŏn’s reception thereof ], Hanmun hakpo 13 (2005): 21–42. : Harvard University Press, 1992), 15–16. 46 Charles Hucker, China’s Imperial Past: An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1995), 312 ff. The Branch Secretariat was modeled after the xing shangshu sheng 行尚書省 of the Jin 金 (1115–1234), and held both civilian and military authority.

To him, reading was teleological and strictly served the purpose of helping the reader acquire knowledge. Acquiring knowledge was teleological as well, for knowledge was not an end in itself but a means by which eventually to reach the state of moral being. For Zhu Xi, reading was a process of “investigating things” (gewu 格物),23 the initial step in a person’s moral perfection as specified in the Great Learning, and in and of itself an ethical activity. He declares: “A learner’s study only seeks what is right.

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