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By Dave Taylor, J. David Taylor

Ten endangered animals are highlighted in each one ebook with transparent, easy textual content matched by way of gorgeous, full-color pictures by means of flora and fauna photographer and writer Dave Taylor. every one publication is helping consultant the reader towards a better knowing of the risks those exceptional animals face as their habitats are consistently degraded and destroyed. Animals include:
Bactrian camel
desolate tract bighorn
Gila monster
Prezwalski's horse
barren region cats
and extra

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As more and more people move into desert areas, the bighorns are threatened by the loss of their grazing areas and watering holes. Domestic donkeys, called burros, that live in the wild compete with these sheep for grass. A lack of food is also responsible for the decline in the number of bighorns. Diseases from domestic animals have helped reduce the herds as well. Large Ranges Good grass is hard to find in desert areas. As a result, the bighorn sheep must graze a large range in order to find enough food to eat.

The bobcat also suffers from habitat loss, as cities and farms spread into wilderness areas. ‫]ﻅ‬ page_30 Page 30 The desert in the picture above is called Death Valley. Preserving Desert Habitats The best way to understand the delicate ecosystem of the desert is to visit a desert. If you cannot take a trip to a real desert, visit a natural-science museum that has a desert display. Once you learn about the great variety of desert life, you will become interested in preserving it. Animals Caught in the Battle Many of the species in this book have become endangered because of war.

A New Life in a Cold Desert. If the wild Mongolian herd is ever found, zoos around the world hope to introduce the captive animals back into their native habitat. Scientists hope that once these animals are established, they will live in the Gobi Desert in western Mongolia just as their ancestors did. Surviving Winter Long ago the warm southern slopes of the mountains and grassy plains of Mongolia were used by Prezwalski's horses as their autumn and winter home. This sunny and sheltered area offered them protection from the snow.

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