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Countries and Their Cultures

Just like the ten-volume Encyclopedia of worldwide Cultures (Macmillan, 1996), the four-volume nations and Their Cultures is predicated at the choice of ethnographic details often called the Human family members quarter records established at Yale college. not like global Cultures, that is prepared via tradition, the recent paintings is geared up by way of state.

The Linguistics Encyclopedia (2nd Edition)

The Linguistics Encyclopedia has been completely revised and up to date and a considerable new creation, which varieties a concise historical past of the sphere, has been added.
The quantity bargains entire assurance of the most important and subsidiary fields of linguistic learn. Entries are alphabetically prepared and commonly cross-referenced, and contain feedback for additional interpreting.

New entries include:
Applied Linguistics; Cognitive Linguistics; Contrastive Linguistics; Cross-Linguistic examine; Forensic Linguistics; Stratificational Linguistics.

Recommissioned or considerably revised entries include:
Bilingualism and Multilingualism; Discourse; style research; Psycholinguistics; Language acquisition; Morphology; Articulatory Phonetics; Grammatical versions and Theories; Stylistics; Sociolinguistics; severe Discourse Analysis.

For a person with an instructional or expert curiosity in language, The Linguistics Encyclopedia is an imperative reference device.

UXL. Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances M-N

This set presents targeted info on fifty two medicinal drugs and different addictive elements, outlined as unlawful medications, criminal addictive medicinal drugs and different ingredients in addition to generally abused periods of prescription and over the counter medicines. prepared alphabetically by means of reliable identify, every one access follows a similar structure, permitting scholars to simply examine and distinction diversified medicines.

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Kemp, A. W. and Kemp, C. D. J. R. Statist. Soc. B, 30, 160–163. (1968). 28. Kumar, A. and Consul, P. C. (1979). Commun. Statist. A, 8, 151–166. 29. Kumar, A. and Consul, P. C. (1980). Commun. Statist. A, 9, 1261–1275. 30. Lingappaiah, G. S. and Patel, I. D. (1979). Gujarat Statist. , 6, 50–60. 31. Noack, A. (1950). Ann. Math. , 21, 127–132. 32. Patel, S. R. and Jani, P. N. (1977). J. Indian Statist. , 15, 157–159. 33. Patel, S. R. (1979). Metrika, 26, 87–94. 34. Patil, G. P. (1962). Ann. Inst. Statist.

K. Sen, eds. North-Holland, Amsterdam, pp. 813–830. ) Mielke, P. W. (1986). J. Statist. Plann. , 13, 377–387. ) Mielke, P. W. and Medina, J. G. (1983). J. Climate Appl. , 22, 1290–1295. ) Patnaik, P. B. (1949). Biometrika, 36, 202–232. ) Wilson, E. B. and Hilferty, M. M. (1931). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. , 17, 684–688. ) See also GOODMAN –KRUSKAL TAU AND GAMMA; GOODNESS OF FIT; LOG-LINEAR MODELS IN CONTINGENCY TABLES; MULTIRESPONSE PERMUTATION PROCEDURES; and RANDOMIZED TESTS. PAUL W. MIELKE, JR. 4943 MOMENT GENERATING FUNCTION.

Math. , 57, 425–446; 59, 553. See also CIRCULAR NORMAL DISTRIBUTION and DIRECTIONAL DISTRIBUTIONS. L(θ ) (θ /θ )n , = L(θ ) 0, 0 < x(n) < θ , x(n) < θ , θ which is nonincreasing in x(n) . 13]. 2]. The MLR property is useful in developing uniformly most powerful (UMP) tests (see HYPOTHESIS TESTING and NEYMAN –PEARSON LEMMA). Suppose that x1 , . . , xn is a random sample from the parent distribution with density f (x; θ ), where θ lies in an interval I, and suppose that the family {f (x; θ ), θ ∈ I} has MLR in T = T(x1 , .

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