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T. M. (1986). Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 1), one can distinguish between unstable conditions and mixed-layer conditions. This depends on the value of h/L. In fact, for −h/L > 5 (dashed line) to 10 (solid line), so-called mixedlayer scaling applies. In such cases the buoyancy term B of Eq. (3) dominates the budget for turbulent kinetic energy across the convective ABL. In the mixed layer, the scaling length is the boundary layer depth h itself because the largest eddies are of the size of h and these are very effective in mixing across the whole boundary layer.

The aurora in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are called the aurora borealis and the aurora australis, respectively. The aurora borealis is commonly called the northern lights. The size of the auroral oval changes considerably on a continuous basis. For an average-sized oval, the midday part is located at ∼76◦ in geomagnetic latitude and the midnight part is located at ∼67◦ (the geomagnetic latitude–longitude system based on the geomagnetic poles), with the average diameter being ∼4000 km.

Here, we review the basic characteristics of atmospheric turbulence with an emphasis on turbulence in the clear atmospheric boundary layer. I. INTRODUCTION Atmospheric turbulence owes its importance in meteorology and air quality to its characteristic of mixing air with different properties efficiently. In practice, turbulence may cause engineering problems, because it shakes structures such as bridges, towers, and airplanes, causing failure of such systems in extreme cases. In the case of airplanes, most interest is in relatively small-scale vertical motion that produces discomfort and occasionally severe damage and injuries.

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