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The expl materials involved were TNT, Tetryl, NC, RDX, HMX, PETN, Composition B, and three plastic-bonded 1 . L. 0053 MIN-2 300 200 TIME(MIN) 400 5i30 Fig 5 The Effect of Reactor Irradiation on the Thermal Decomposition of Colloidal ct-pb Azide. (Ref 110). againsttime. 1 explsmixts 9404, 9010 rmd 9407. A variety of physical and chemical tests were performed on the irradiated samples. Dosimetry, followed by energy deposition calcns, revealed that about 90% of the energy deposited was due to the gammafield (2x 108R at the higher doselevel).

Kaufman (Refs51, 53& 58) reviewed the data of Warren et al (Ref 37) and observedthat a few nonrigid generalizationscould be made. 18 x10-4 5,8 X 102 Theseactivation energiesresemblethose found by Thomas and Tompkins (Ref 27) for the photolytic decompn of similar materials, and Kaufman suggestedsimilar behavior despite the varied chemical constitution represented. 97 x 107 R; with a BlkPdr fuze it would only burn). be detected was about 106 R The results on the irradiated M26 primers and M19A2 detonators are shown in Fig 11.

5 x 10s R. The EEDswere stored up to 275 days at 120°. The first type revealedno major problems due to the irradiation or elevated temp. The second type with the gunpowder deteriorated to the point of failure Pulsed Reactor Irradiation One of the first instanceswhere a very high dose rate might have unexpected effects on an expl wasreported briefly by Urizar et rd (Ref 98). Using the Los Alamos critical assemblyknown asGodiva II, the total dosedeliveredwas about 7 x 1012n/cm2. The gammadosewas small – about 1200R~ due to self-shielding 17% — — — 53 25 5 — X40 38% 30 10 12 3 7 — — — — — X-41 37% 29 9 10 3 7 5 — — — — The organic’secondary expls were sealedin quartz containers and exposedto a single radiation pulse.

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