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These Demolition Hoses and Demolition are long demolition devices which are intended chiefly for clearing mine fie Ids and for blasting passages through wire entanglements. There are also some other uses indicated below Bangalore torpedoes exist in several modifications. The std US device, Ml A2 which was used successfully during WWII, consists of 10 loading assemblies, 10 connecting sleeves and 1 nose sleeve. 4 Ibs) at each end. Each end is capped and grooved and cent ains a fuze well to accommodate a detonator, primacord, or a blasting cap(such as Corps of Engineers Cap, called now Cap, Blasting Special, described in Ref 14 or a commercial one not smaller than No 8) attached to any of the std firing devices.

Ichner. Wash the balls with cold distd w to remove the protective colloid and Na sulfate, spread the proplnt on a filter paper and dry it Following are some advantages in the msnuf of ball powder over conventional proplnts: a)The NC required to manuf ball powder does not need to be conventionally stabilized but simply sour-boiled and washed with cold w. Not only is freshly prepd NC suitable for ball powder, but also any discarded or reworked NC or smokeless proplnt may be utilized b)The process of m anuf is safer than for conventional proplnts because all the opns previous to drying are carried out under w and transfers of the NC are done by pumping it in a state of water slurry c)Much simpler and less expensive equipment is used in the ball powder process than in manuf of conventional proplnts.

For this, a 5-ft length of bangalore torpedo, equipped with a pull fuze, was dropped inside a narrow vent pipe sticking out the top of each Ger pill box. This was the idea of an unknown Amer soldier and the device was fired after the bazooka shot and the pole charge failed to penetrate completely through the vent A more recent US bangalore torpedo is the M1A2. 5 Ibs of Comp B or Comp A-3. The US Military specification requirements are in Ref 13 Detonating Cable can be used for the same purposes as a bangalore torpedo.

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