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By U.S. Army Research and Development Command.; TACOM, ARDEC.; Warheads, Energetics and Combat Support Center

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Clark, IEC 25, 666(1933) 6)Stettbacher( 1933),361-5 6a)Pepin Lehalleur(1935),64-6 7)OSRD 803 and 804( 1942), 18-21 8)Davis (1943 ),24-5 8a)Vivas, Feigenspan & Ladreda 4, (1944), 111-14 8b)Perez Ara( 1945),113-17 8c)Belgrano (1952),23-8 9)TM 9-1910( 1955),70-1 10)PATR 1740, Rev 1(1958) Vacuum Stability Test was designed by Farmer(Ref 1) for dem of stability of explosives end propellants. In this test the thermal decompn of a sample is followed by observing the rise in pressure of the gases given off in vacuum.

See Plate Denting Tests and under Plate Tests Strength of Detonators, Determination. Same aa Initiating Efficiency of Detonators, Tests Strength of Dynamites. According to Davis( 1943),338-9, the strength(explosiue force) of a straight nitroglycerin dynamite is expressed by the percent of NG which it contains. Thus "40% straight NG dynamite" whatevr their compn may be, contains 40% NG but "40% ammonia dynamite," " 40% gelatin dynamite," etc, are supposed to have the same strength or explosive force as 40% straight dynamite.

After 30 rain of heating the sample, the stopcocks an the sample tube and on the manometer sre closed to keep the sample in contact with ita decompn products. The pressure developed is measured at suitable intervals and the index of stability adopted is the time in minutes necessary to attain a press of 100 or 300 mm Hg Aa first described ebe Taliani test was considered a goad quantitative test of thermal stability but it was tedious and time consuming. Numerous investigators have subsequently modified the initial procedure.

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