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Countries and Their Cultures

Just like the ten-volume Encyclopedia of global Cultures (Macmillan, 1996), the four-volume international locations and Their Cultures is predicated at the number of ethnographic info referred to as the Human family members quarter documents dependent at Yale college. not like global Cultures, that's prepared by way of tradition, the recent paintings is prepared by way of kingdom.

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The Linguistics Encyclopedia has been completely revised and up-to-date and a considerable new creation, which kinds a concise heritage of the sphere, has been added.
The quantity bargains complete insurance of the foremost and subsidiary fields of linguistic learn. Entries are alphabetically prepared and greatly cross-referenced, and contain feedback for extra interpreting.

New entries include:
Applied Linguistics; Cognitive Linguistics; Contrastive Linguistics; Cross-Linguistic examine; Forensic Linguistics; Stratificational Linguistics.

Recommissioned or considerably revised entries include:
Bilingualism and Multilingualism; Discourse; style research; Psycholinguistics; Language acquisition; Morphology; Articulatory Phonetics; Grammatical types and Theories; Stylistics; Sociolinguistics; severe Discourse Analysis.

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