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This seriously illustrated e-book collects in a single resource lots of the mathematically uncomplicated platforms of differential equations whose ideas are chaotic. It contains the traditionally very important platforms of van der Pol, Duffing, Ueda, Lorenz, Rössler, and so on, however it is going directly to express that there are numerous different platforms which are less complicated and extra stylish. a lot of those platforms were just recently came across and aren't widely recognized. such a lot circumstances comprise plots of the attractor and calculations of the spectra of Lyapunov exponents. a few vital situations comprise graphs displaying the path to chaos. The booklet comprises many instances now not formerly released in addition to examples of straightforward digital circuits that convey chaos. No present publication to date makes a speciality of mathematically stylish chaotic platforms. This publication may still as a result be of curiosity to chaos researchers trying to find basic structures to take advantage of of their reports, to teachers who wish examples to coach and inspire scholars, and to scholars doing self reliant research.

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Another property of bounded systems is that, unless the trajectory attracts to an equilibrium point where it stalls and remains forever, the points must continue moving forever with the flow. However, if we consider two initial conditions separated by a small distance along the direction of the flow, they will maintain their average separation forever since they are subject to the exact same flow but only delayed slightly in time. This fact implies that one of the Lyapunov exponents for a bounded continuous flow must be zero unless the flow attracts to a stable equilibrium.

7. Other systems with the form of Eq. 10) in which f (x, ˙ x) is a more complicated nonlinear function have been studied by Scheffczyk et al. (1991), but they are less elegant than the systems presented here. 1 Chaotic forced damped quadratic oscillators. 0604 Fig. 1. even function of x and h(x) is an odd function of x as in the van der Pol and Duffing oscillators (Strogatz, 1994). 6 Piecewise-linear Oscillators The existence of chaos in forced oscillators with quadratic nonlinearities suggests that it might also occur in piecewise-linear systems involving a single absolute value.

January 27, 2010 18 9:20 World Scientific Book - 9in x 6in Elegant Chaos Fig. 12 State space plot showing an invariant 2-torus for the conservative forced pendulum in Eq. 8, 0, π/2), λ = (0, 0, 0). energy decays to zero only when there is a point attractor. Otherwise, the forcing function or antidamping term supplies energy to replace that lost through dissipation, and the energy fluctuates about some average value as the trajectory moves around on the attractor. 8 Two-toruses and Quasiperiodicity The holes in the Poincar´e section in Fig.

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