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By Iris A. Hauswirth

Using organisational economics conception, the writer develops a conceptual framework for analysing the effectiveness and potency of public providers supply. In utilising the framework to case experiences of export aid firms in Germany and the united kingdom , the learn establishes the causal hyperlinks among organisational constructions and outputs. The decisive variables are wisdom and incentives of the actors, and suppleness of the organization. in view that there are trade-offs among the variables, the findings support to give an explanation for why one service provider will be diversified from, yet both powerful and effective as one other, and why, regardless of ongoing re-structuring of private and non-private area firms, no panacea for an efficient and effective company has been discovered. The analytical framework additionally presents a way for studying current companies and blueprints of destiny businesses, bearing in mind conclusions approximately improvability and the consequences of change.

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Alternative organisational arrangements confront individual decision-makers with different choices and different incentives, at different costs. The theory developed on the basis of three notions. 1. PR theorists have argued that ownership means holding 'a bundle of rights' and that not all rights to resources are fully allocated, or privately held. 2. PR theorists take REMM as their basic units of analysis and distinguish between the effects a decision has on the decision maker, and on others.

3 Property rights theory 35 Third, Tietzel did not find a study that tried to falsify property rights theory, and therefore concluded that there was uncertainty regarding its factual substance. The above-mentioned database research has also not identified any reviews that had the explicit objective to test the theory. This leaves Tietzel's doubts open. But the wide application of the property rights concept for over two decades demonstrates that many researchers have found it fruitful. Given that, despite this popularity, no substantive arguments against the theory - beyond the general criticisms against an 'economic' approach to social science themes - seem to have developed, it appears reasonable to accept the logic of the property rights argument.

Organisation as such matters, because it specifies roles and positions of the actors and the rules that govern the relationship among them. Thus, each participant can have 'stable expectations' regarding the behaviour of the others. Roles and positions appear 'objective' and externally determined, which means that status battles are reduced and that activities can be carried out in collaboration with others, independent of the personal feelings between the participants. Appropriately trained actors can replace each other, even the leaders whose power and influence is determined by the definition of their offices and not necessarily by their personal qualities (Scott 1987:33ff).

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