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Exit Polder Model?: Socioeconomic Changes in the Netherlands

To what does the Netherlands owe their contemporary monetary good fortune? Will the polder version turn into the sufferer of its personal luck or will the chance come as a rule from open air? within the Netherlands, polder are small groups hemmed in by means of dykes outfitted to withstand speedy emerging tides, and for that reason indicate communal attempt to mediate destructive open air forces.

Foreign Direct Investment and the World Economy

Asking the query of even if international Direct funding (FDI) is 'integrating' the area economic system, this comprehensive volume consists of an outline of present FDI examine. whereas the time period 'integrating' is frequently used, the genuine attempt will be even if FDI is instrumental in bringing consistent with capita earning throughout international locations nearer jointly.

Nixon's Business: Authority and Power in Presidential Politics

Richard Nixon thought of constructing a powerful peacetime financial system one among his most vital political pursuits, [not least for] distinguishing himself from the wary regulations of President Dwight Eisenhower. utilizing Richard Neustadt’s analytical framework of presidential energy, Nigel Bowles develops 5 case stories round President Nixon’s monetary regulations.

Developing the Global South: A United Nations Prescription for the Third Millennium

For 4 a long time the UN has tried to foster improvement within the international locations of the worldwide South. The booklet presents a synopsis of those efforts, from the Brandt fee report back to Boutros Boutros Ghali's time table for improvement. Prof. Milkias provides opposing arguments in dishing out accountability for the growing to be hole among the North and the South and info the Millennium improvement targets and assesses their successes and screw ups up to now.

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Other things being equal, of course, countries with mountainous terrain are at a disadvantage with respect to transportation and communications costs. Road construction is more expensive than on the plains, and the frequent occurrence of landslides requires heavy maintenance expenditures if traffic delays and road deterioration are to be avoided. But terrain is just one of many important factors in growth and development, and the disadvantages of mountain ranges can be offset by advantages in other factors of production.

In other words, the marginal K/0 ratio in that industry is likely to be rather high. It will take more capital than planned to achieve a given output-or, looking at it the other way, the same amount of capital will yield a lower than expected output. 75 If a country attempts to industrialize rapidly on the basis of highly capital-intensive techniques, the introduction of advanced technology into an economy where prevailing techniques are quite primitive can sig- 38 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: AN INTRODUCTION nificantly affect the overall level of technology in just a few years.

A. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. Source: World Bank Atlas 1977. " See notes in the source. be expected to widen for at least several decades. The absolute gap would narrow, of course, if growth were halted in the developed countries but continued in the developing countries. Many persons would favor such a situation on equity grounds. But apart from the political difficulties of getting the developed countries to agree to halt their growth, stagnation of economic activity in the developed countries would seriously threaten the growth prospects of the developing countries.

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