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By Johan Van Veen

During the career of the Netherlands the Germans made it very unlikely to hold out any upkeep paintings on our beaches or any sounding, soil investiga­ tion or current-measurement paintings off the co ast, within the estuary of the Scheldt or within the channels among the Frisian Islands. The paintings ofDr. Johan van Veen, then chief of this survey, hence got here to astandstill. He then got here to me and requested me to offer him a few activity, in order that he, an indefatigable employee, may possibly proceed to have paintings, the simplest antidote opposed to the German poison, which affected in simple terms completely unemployed males. I knew his love for the heritage of our conventional dealing with of the defence opposed to the water. An all-round learn had by no means been released, for in basic occasions a guy with complete wisdom of this kind of paintings can't make time for the sort of examine, as water is our eternal enemy, which has to be stored below continuous elose statement. From Dr. van Veen's ebook will probably be elear that the Dutch demeanour of dredging, draining and reelaiming is a mixture of traditions inherited from our ancestors and utilized technological know-how to deal with smooth calls for. this practice is in our blood. A extra intimate wisdom of it's going to, i am hoping, provide a kcy to so me of the salient issues in our nationwide character.

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But nothing is lost of which a trace shall not be found! The soil gives up its secrets in time. Whole lifetimes are spent in exploring those secrets of the soil. Viewed retrospectively, there were severe losses of land in the one hand and several gains on the other. Nature gave new land in so me places and took away old land in othcrs. Thc Zuider Zee was formed about 1300 and the Great Hollandse Waard near Dordrecht was destroyed in 142 I. The wide Dollard 29 basin was formed in the North about the same time, and later ca me the loss of the extensive lands of Saaftinge and Reimerswaal in the southwest, etc.

But a political crisis was at hand. Civil war broke out and interrupted the work for many years. The Earl of Bedford died, and when the final and successful attempt was made, it was his son who was concerned, and the Commonwealth which celebrated the achievement. 'But the price of tenure of the newly-won land was unremitting vigilance. The retaining walls had to be maintained in asound condition, the drains kept clear, and the water pumped from the lower levels by the force of the wind. So long as these matters received attention the aqueous tyrant was subdued and turned to useful purpose.

It was as if some dam had suddenly burst. '" 55 000 ~50ooo :: ~ 41 5000 ~ U < 40000 ~ Z ..... ~ 35000 ~ - 30000 ~GeNeAA1 Oll< HG; 25000 r~ ~ 20000 15000 r-" '0000 .... 5000 ~ ~ ~ 8 :! 8 ~ : ~ ~ ~ § YEAAS By the patient process of planting marine plants and making small dams much fertil e land has been gained on the sea shores.

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