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By Mike Rigsby

Humankind must locate and enhance replacement different types of strength. because the world’s inhabitants keeps to develop, extra humans will desire entry to lights, communique, transit, and computing. Fossil fuels are getting used up at an alarming velocity, yet different power sources--solar, wind, waves, “waste” warmth, or even human power--are either renewable and environmentally pleasant. The tasks during this publication may also help any budding scientist build and discover operating versions that generate renewable, substitute energy.

            In Doable Renewables, readers will how to construct a Kelvin water drop generator out of six recycled cans and alligator clip jumpers, a solar-powered seesaw from a wide dial thermometer and a magnifying glass, and a windmill from 8 yardsticks, PVC pipe, cardboard, and converter generator. young children will examine the energy-generating houses of a sun telephone, a radiometer, a Nitinol warmth engine, and a Peltier cellphone. They’ll even construct a human-powered table lamp.

            every one venture features a fabrics and instruments record, in addition to on-line info on the place to discover really expert elements. And for younger scientists, writer Mike Rigsby demonstrates tips to use an infrared thermometer, a electronic multimeter, and an electric utilization video display to check their designs. Armed with this selection of technological percentages, can the answer to the earth’s power challenge be some distance off?

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Next, remove the temperature dial—pull it or break it off. Tie an 8 inch piece of 1⁄16 inch diameter aluminum rod to the spring using magnet wire. I use #26 magnet wire, but any size should work. 01(001-076)_chap01-11:DoableRenew 42 7/22/10 5:22 PM Page 42 Doable Renewables Find the top center of the CD (perpendicular to the beam, above the pencil). Drill a 5⁄64 inch diameter hole in the CD near the top edge, as shown. Insert the spring/rod assembly through the hole in the CD. Before you apply the epoxy, be sure that the spring/rod assembly will move to the left when heated.

Water on the wet head evaporates (unless the humidity is very high) as it bobs back and forth, cooling the head. The head, being cooler than the body, causes the liquid inside—a special liquid that boils at a low temperature—to rise up the neck, higher into the bird. The rising liquid causes the bird to become top-heavy and tip forward. When it tips forward, the head falls back into the glass and gets more water, while the liquid inside is allowed to return to the body. The cycle then repeats. 01(001-076)_chap01-11:DoableRenew 7/22/10 5:21 PM Page 23 Solar Drinking Bird 23 This is not perpetual motion or magic.

The good news is that anywhere you can find a temperature difference, you can harness it to do work. The bad news is that the efficiency will be poor if the temperature difference is small. Math Alert! If you are curious as to exactly how the temperature differences between the hot and cold sides of a heat engine affect efficiency, a little math is needed. I will try to explain the Carnot efficiency formula as simply as possible. To make the calculation, all temperatures need to be measured in degrees Kelvin.

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