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By John Howard Yoder

Either one of the essays during this publication originated in 1957. the 1st matters the nation within the New testomony. the second one offers with following Christ as a sort of political accountability. Paperback,72 pages.

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It is completely irresponsible to speak as though such people do not exist, and to claim that our society would go to ruin if Christians did not help along in every area, including the military. That this is illogical has already been demonstrated with the illustration of the musician and the usher. 10. There is no justification for Christians, based on these considerations, to rest self-justified and proud of their own piety, and leave the world to ruin. On the contrary! If we were to take seriously the New Testament teaching concerning the high honor and irreplaceable assignment of the church in and for the world, as presented here, then our “light would shine before people” in a way never before imagined.

The one who does not stand on the rock which is Christ has nothing more to say. One chooses a philosophy of order, the other a philosophy of conscience, the third a philosophy of necessary compromises, and no one can convince the others. Jesus Christ as a Political Person It should have become obvious in his sketchy critique of Protestant state-theologies which thesis we intend to present. We claim to have heard the New Testament say that revelation is to be found in Jesus Christ, and we do not understand why this should not apply also with reference to the state.

11:44) may well have been a cultic rather than an ethical commandment at first; nevertheless, a tradition of “following God” attached itself to this command throughout the prophetic tradition and through Judaism right up to Martin Buber. What the Old Testament assumed as a fundamental concept becomes a new reality in the New Testament with the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. “Child of God,” “transformed into the image of Christ,” “participation in the resurrection,” and “in Christ” are expressions describing this new relationship to God, or rather to Christ, and make clear why the Christian is to be no different and to act no different than Christ, a member of whose body the Christian has become.

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