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By Evelyn Leite

Written in particular for youngster, this booklet appears to be like at lifestyles with mom and dad who abuse alcohol and/or different medications. The authors start through explaining simply what chemical dependence is and its results. They make it transparent that folks who abuse alcohol or different medicines have the ailment of chemical dependence; that it is not a teen's fault that his or her parens are ailing; and that emotions of guilt, confusion, and worry are universal during this scenario. useful feedback, sound advice,and strong assets allow young people understand that they're now not by myself and element how one can feeling higher approximately their households and themselves.

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He sits in his chair pretending to read a magazine but what he's really doing is looking at his watch over and over again, and if I move or say a word he starts shouting go do your homework or get to bed or don't you have anything constructive to do? Once I tried talking to himI mean, it bothers me tooand he yelled at me to mind my own business, that I was just a kid and should keep my nose out of it Sometimes I hate both of them, and then I feel so misunderstood Page 29 What Else Definitely Doesn't Cause The Disease Of Chemical Dependence?

People who have it can be treated. They can stop getting sicker as long as they stop using alcohol/drugs. If they don't get help, they usually die prematurelyeither as a direct result of the disease, or as the result of something else that can be traced back to the disease. ·According to insurance company statistics, an alcoholic who keeps drinking has an average lifespan 12 years shorter than the nonalcoholic. ·Heavy drinkers are three times more likely to have fatal strokes than people who don't drink.

I've seen them come home with a hundred dollars worth of booze. They can't afford to buy me new running shoes, but they always have enough dough for whiskey and vodka and brandy. So there I am, sitting in school, worrying about money but mostly worrying about them. " or "Earth to Peter! " Page 43 How Can You Make Chemically Dependent Persons Stop Using Alcohol/Drugs? You can't You can pour their alcohol down the sink or flush their other drugs down the toilet, and it won't make any difference. They'll just get more.

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