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By Marc H.V. van Regenmortel, Brian W.J. Mahy

This quantity includes eighty five chapters that spotlight fresh advances in our wisdom of the viruses that infect vegetation and fungi. It starts off with normal issues in plant virology together with circulation of viruses in crops, the transmission of plant viruses through vectors, and the advance of virus-resistant transgenic crops. the second one part offers an outline of the houses of a variety of 20 well-studied plant viruses, 23 plant virus genera and some greater teams of plant viruses. The 3rd part, that's abundantly illustrated, highlights the main economically vital virus ailments of cereals, legumes, vegetable vegetation, fruit timber and ornamentals. The final part describes the main teams of viruses that infect fungi.

  • The so much complete single-volume resource delivering an summary of virology matters relating to plant and fungi
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    Complete sequences may be obtained by means of various RACE techniques (rapid amplification of cDNA ends). Since genome recombinations are frequently found with plant viruses, it is important to determine the full-length or almost-full-length nucleotide sequences for newly described viruses in order to allow comparisons to be made along the entire length of the genome. Techniques That are Especially Useful for the Routine Detection of Plant Viruses Most of the techniques that are presently used for the routine detection of plant viruses are either based on the use of enzyme-labeled antibodies or on the amplification of portions of the viral genome by means of the PCR or other nucleic acid amplification techniques (see below).

    Consequently, it is generally accepted that virus particles, either included in membrane vesicles or suspended in the hemolymph, never come in contact with the cell cytoplasm, thus precluding any possibility of viral replication. Virus transfer into the hemolymph is believed to occur by passive diffusion. However, the possible impact of the insect immune system at this step of the virus life cycle is often discussed. A study demonstrated that a major protein of the aphid hemolymph, the symbionin, was mandatory for efficient luteovirus transmission.

    The presence of antibodies can be recognized even on a single virus particle. Thus, viruses occurring at low concentrations, as often happens in field samples, can nevertheless be analyzed directly. The detectability of viruses occurring at low concentration may be increased when the decoration test is preceded by an ISEM step. Antisera even with high host plant reactivities can be used successfully, because the specific antibody attachment to virus particles is directly visualized. The technique is not suited for detecting small antigenic differences between viruses and since it is labor intensive and cannot be automated, it is not suitable for routinely testing large numbers of samples.

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