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By Tara Tomczyk Koellhoffer, Madonna M Murphy, Sharon L Banas

From time to time, every body feels indignant or pissed off. whilst used as optimistic instruments, those feelings can spur us to motion to attempt to make our lives or the realm higher. This identify explores either the optimistic and adverse facets of those feelings and appears on the many concepts that anger administration specialists recommend for dealing with those emotions in fit methods.

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They hoped the attack would also launch a slave uprising that would spread throughout the South and end the fight over slavery once (continues on page 54) 51 52 Dealing with Frustration and Anger The Caning OF Senator Charles Sumner T he anger and violence surrounding the slavery issue during the 1850s wasn’t limited to slave owners and abolitionists. S. Senate. S. politics, what happened in May 1856 went far beyond normal behavior for politicians. S. senator from Massachusetts. Despite the fact that he was a strong opponent of slavery, Sumner had not said much during the arguments over the Kansas-Nebraska Act that took place in 1854.

Scientists at the University of Michigan thought about this and came up with an answer that made Situations that Cause Frustration and Anger situations that can provoke angry responses. Short-term causes of anger might include a rude salesperson in a shop, an unfair referee call in a game, or someone cutting in line at the movies. These situations are called “short term” sense: During the winter, when it is very cold, people don’t often go outside. Instead, they stay inside where heating systems keep them warm.

Religious differences were at the core of the feud between Christians and Muslims, but anger also played a big role in launching the Crusades. 40 Destructive Uses of Anger in History During the Middle Ages, devout Christians often took long and grueling trips, called pilgrimages, to the Holy Land. Christian pilgrims wanted to see for themselves the places where Jesus Christ had lived. After Islam spread through the Middle East in the seventh century, Muslims took control of key locations in the Holy Land and sometimes made it difficult for Christian pilgrims to visit sites that had religious significance in Christianity, such as the city of Jerusalem.

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