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Essays current a number of perspectives on even if drug prohibition is a good procedure, even if drug legislation will be liberalized, and no matter if marijuana can be legalized for scientific use.

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The future does not look bright, but doing nothing would be our greatest failure. If we let down our guard, our young people will suffer. They will feel the full force of the drug threat, and our national security and public health will be at the mercy of organized crime. Mexico and the United States have before them a challenge of international proportions and must continue to act in a coordinated manner, bilaterally and multilaterally, while observing their respective laws and sovereignty. And “Mexico and the United States we must face other threats within our have before them a challenge borders, such as: corruption, vested of international proportions interests, pressures for drug legalizaand must continue to act in tion and social indifference.

And former secretary of state George Shultz—have argued that drug prohibition actually causes more crime and other harms than it prevents. Violating the Constitution and Causing Crime Congress should recognize the failure of prohibition and end the federal government’s war on drugs. First and foremost, the federal drug laws are constitutionally dubious. As previously noted, the federal government can only exercise the powers that have been delegated to it. The Tenth Amendment reserves all other powers to the states or to the people.

Traitor. In 1993, I published Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country. In this libertarian tome— endorsed by a diverse group including Milton Friedman, Hugh Downs, Archbishop Tutu, and Sting—I explored in some detail the War on Drugs’ unconstitutionality, racism, anti-free market basis, deception, wastefulness, 50 Drug Legalization Frontmatter 2/24/04 9:04 AM Page 51 Chapter 1 destructiveness, and un-winnability. I see it as one of the darkest chapters in American history, and certainly the greatest evil in our country today.

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