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This penetrating ebook increases questions on how energy operates in modern society. It explains how the rate of knowledge flows has eroded the separate area wanted for serious mirrored image. It argues that there's now not an ‘outside’ to the worldwide flows of conversation and that the critique of data needs to ensue in the details itself.

The operative unit of the knowledge society is the belief. With the dying of intensity mirrored image, reflexivity throughout the thought now operates exterior to the topic in its movement via networks of people and clever machines. it's those rules that make the critique of data attainable. This e-book is an incredible testomony to the customers of tradition, politics and idea within the worldwide info society.

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17 Critique of Information Sense-making or knowledge is the glossing, the account-giving of everyday activities that is inseparable from those activities. Reflexivity in the technological culture is not a separate process of reflection. There is no time, no space for such reflection. There is fusion of words and things, of thought and practice. To think is not just at the same time to do; to think is at the same time to communicate. In the technological culture, reflexivity becomes practice; it becomes communication.

Action is of the mind; practice is bodily. Action wields clear and distinct ideas, practice works in regard to symbols. Action deals with preference schedules and choice on the marketplace, practice with background assumptions, horizons and habitus. Action takes on the assumptions of positivism, practice of hermeneutics. Action speaks of political decision-making, practice of political culture. Action has to do with individual choices in the context of decided-upon procedural rules; practice is inseparable from the very real concerns of the good life.

In technological capitalism, power works perhaps less through exploitation than exclusion. Real property in the means of production carries with it the right to exploit. Intellectual property carries with it the right to exclude. The ownership of trademark prohibits anyone else from valorizing that trademark. This is how modern sponsorship works. The valorization of patents of human and plant DNA from the third world is the stake in the struggles around globalization at the WTO in Seattle. The ownership of copyright in a platform, which is a standard, is the stake in the continuing power struggles between the US Department of Justice and Microsoft.

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