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By Donald E. Westlake

Bryce Proctor's subsequent novel is due yet he has a significant case of writer's block. He additionally has a grasping spouse who wishes every little thing in a divorce payment. Wayne Prentice is a author with a manuscript no one desires. Proctor means that the radical be released lower than Proctor's identify and the improvement break up 50/50. yet there's a trap.

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Lucie hadn't liked it when he'd eat yogurt directly from the carton, then put the carton back in the refrigerator, but there was no one around to complain now. Back in the entryway, he glanced at the rest of the mail without opening it or caring about it, then at last opened the manila envelope from Wayne Prentice, and there they were, the three copies of the contract, with an extra blank sheet of typing paper that said only, in computer printout: Enjoy California. There were things to do, the travel agent to be called, other people, packing to do, Isabelle.

Oh, come on,' she said, 'everybody our age has been married, and you're not a faggot, and if you're taking me out you're not married any more, so you're divorced. ' 'I'm not divorced,' he said. ' 'Oh, I get it,' she said. 'En train, the separation in place, the lawyers at the trough. You know, a friend of the rat's once said he'd never heard of a trial separation that didn't work, but I say the trial comes before the separation. So who left who? ' What to say? How to handle this? He had to tell some lies, but not too many.

Except the window was plate glass, and couldn't be opened. Would there be an openable window anywhere in the apartment? Maybe in the bedroom. Not a good idea. A screaming woman dropping through the night, Wayne waiting for the elevator, and the doorman in the lobby. She came back with red wine in a surprisingly fancy etched glass. 'Very nice,' he said, taking it. ' 'Well, almost everything,' she acknowledged, and gave him a narrow-eyed look. ' There was a terracotta statue of a chunky horse and his bundled-up rider, less than a foot tall, on an end table, too large for the space.

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