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Contra Gentes; De Incarnatione

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The mainstream place of the Christian church on sexuality used to be possibly most sensible summed up via Pope blameless III (1160-1216) while he acknowledged that “the sexual act is so shameful that it really is intrinsically evil. ” one other Christian theologian maintained that the “Holy Ghost is absent from the room shared by way of a wedded couple. ” What Philip documents in his gospel is that Christ stated exactly the contrary: The nuptial chamber is in reality the holy of holies. For Philip the holy trinity comprises the female presence. God is the daddy, the Holy Ghost is the mum, and Jesus is the Son. Neither guy nor girl by myself is created within the photo of God. it is just of their courting with one another--the sacred embody within which they percentage the divine breath--that they resemble God.

The Gospel of Philip is healthier recognized for its portrayal of the actual courting shared through Jesus and his so much cherished disciple, Mary of Magdala. since it ran counter to the course of the Church, which condemned the “works of the flesh,” Philip’s gospel was once suppressed and misplaced until eventually rediscovered at Nag Hammadi in 1947. Orthodox theologian Jean-Yves Leloup’s translation from the Coptic and his research of this gospel are awarded right here for the 1st time in English. What emerges from this crucial resource textual content is a recovery of the sacred initiatic union among the female and male rules that was on the middle of Christianity’s sacred secret.

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The idea of common or natural law appears several times (cf. '2. 40; :yz. 26; 39. 24) as an argument against the irrationality of paganism. 1. :1". ~:; Athanasius contrasts the traditional law (TOVS 7TaTptKOVS VOJ1-ovs) with II" """ilillg of Christ. ·:1 •. {J; Ka~ 'lOVe; 12 on fL~ fL6vov EfLo{XWUEV, 12 aMa aVE0"lKEV, E7TLKUAVfLfLa Tfje; 7TapavofL{ae; aUTO V T~V Tfje; OE07Todae; cpaVTau{av KaTauKwuswV' dJv Elm Llt6vvuoe; IW~ 'HpaKAfje; Ka~ IO Llt6uKOVPOt Ka~ 'EpfLfje; KaL IIEpude; KaL EcbTELpa.

7TW, 010 ", , \ ' I , , ~'f3' .... "" \ .... 1. \ \ , \ A.. /. " OV, aVTOL 't'VllaTTOVTOL, W, DOVAEVOVU£; Kat U7TIIW" Y) 't'EVOEU e KaT " UVTWV' EOV, 7TPOUUYOPEVOVUL' KUt TO1 yE 'TOVUtV V7T' Etovatav EXOVTE" , W, on DEa7TO'Tut, 1 1 \ 1 fJ-Y), TOL VOfJ-LUTJ, TUVTa fJ-E IlEyELV '\ - Eun fJ-EV yap Kut TOL, ocpeuAfJ-0L, " , /. II:' aL ~ 7Ttan, a7TuvTwua TOVTWV, Kat 7Tapwn TOL, f3oVA0fJ-EVOL, opfi-v Ta TOtaUTa. nature they would disappear in time altogether unless they received daily care. How could one not pity them precisely because they can see yet worship things which cannot see, and they can hear yet pray to things which cannot hear?

C 10 01 om. 11-12 Ka, Ka1'a1TEaOVTES om. V (Il' D) +Ka, 15 Ka,2+_is c Provo 18: 3 32 Ka1'allvo€avTois om. 4 'OTJKav D €7T€LTa C 13 fLop4>ds] CI. ' ()n the sources of this chapter see Kehrhahn, pp. lofT. Ot ad loco Cf. ch. 27 below. " SlIails: cf. illpid a larger number of supports ({3aans), so that those who crawl (i'\ua11'wj""") 011 the ground are the most foolish of all. ATHANASIUS 9 CONTRA GENTES TWV aAoywv aV~j-tEpa swa, T~V Bdav Kat tmEPKOUj-tLOV TOU transcendental title of God to stone and wood, and reptiles in the eEOU 7rpouYjyop{av j-tET~vEyKav, 7rauav Ttj-t~V aUToLS eEaU a7rOVE- sca or on land, and to irrational wild beasts, paying them full divine j-t0VTES, Kat TOV aAYjBtvov Kat OVTWS OVTa eEOV TOV TOU XptUTOU honours and rejecting the true and rea1 3 God, the Father of Christ.

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